Friday, June 14, 2013

This one time at card weaving camp...

Okay, I didn't actually go to Card Weaving camp, but I have had a great time this Spring teaching card weaving at two different camps. 

View from hike around camp.
First I was at Fiber in the Forest at Camp Myrtlewood in Oregon.  Beautiful, majestic, incredible location.  Damp however.  Evidently it is always damp on that side of Oregon.  This was all fiber people all of the time.  Very small gathering, very intimate.

Huge burr on Fir

I was also just at Squam Art Workshops at Rockywold-Deephaven Camps in Holdeness NH.  Beautiful, incredible, timeless location on cold but very beautiful lake Squam.  A wonderful mix of art of all kinds being taught.  But many more people from all corners (national and international).

Lake Squam from our cabin's personal dock.

Common room in our cabin.

Being outside in these two beautiful landscapes really helped me slow down and appreciate everything.  Cell phones barely worked, the wifi was spotty at best.  And after the initial techno shock had passed, I was able to really let go. 

There was so much creative energy swirling around everything and everyone.  The students were hungry to learn what I was showing them.  And they had time to really explore the techniques and the feeling of weaving.  No one had to rush off before traffic got bad, or worry about picking up kids from school.  There was no panic in the mornings about getting there on time.  And class times really were more like recommendations.  I was helping my new weavers at dinner, lunch, whenever.  And they were teaching me so many incredible things.  The back and forth sharing between everyone whether in the same or different classes was so exciting.
Share tables at both events were quite impressive.

Bands for dinner anyone?

They wouldn't stop weaving!

So get out there and find your connection between creation and nature.  The outdoors are such an incredible place for inspiration in whatever you make or do.

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