Friday, February 24, 2012

Forest for the Trees

Our Long & Skinny study group (the study all things woven that are long and skinny!) in the Weavers' Guild of St. Louis has been working on converting boundweave patterns from a beautiful tapestry into tablet weaving designs.

In the past there was a practice of converting tablet woven designs into boundweave patterns, so fair is fair.

I got Evergreens and Orange Groves.

Here is my interpretation of the Orange Grove:

You can download the draft OrangeGrove.pdf

I also did Evergreens.

That draft is available as well.  EvergreenForest.pdf

Keep those cards turning!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

The Crimson Kimono

Getting ready for exhibits has been the next great challenge.

This kimono was a community project.  It started with the band.  My friend Amy Norris said it looked like a gold ribbon flowing in and out of the band.  We decided it needed a garment, so she volunteered to weave fabric for it.

The band is a simple repeating double-faced design.  The background was Bambu 7, and the pattern was 2000ypp rayon chenille.  It was one continuous band woven on a floor inkle loom.

Amy wove the fabric with Bambu in a 16-shaft twill.  The warp was red, and the weft was actually the same blue as in the band.

Then Carolyn Hart volunteered (was coerced?) to put it all together.  I know she is still cussing me.  She did an incredible job however.  The left overs were two strips of fabric about 4" by 10" and about 10" of band.  That's talent!

Hopefully this will be accepted into the Convergence fashion show.  If you are going, maybe you'll see it there!

Diving anyone?

Another passion of mine (other than card weaving that is) is SCUBA Diving.  My brother and I just got back from Key West FL for a quick weekend of diving.  I'm still working on combining the two passions.  Anyone for underwater card weaving classes?

We saw a shark, yikes!

Lots of fish (and one brother)...

And we dove the Vandenberg wreck. It was intentionally sunk 2 1/2 years ago for artificial reef growth.  The deck was at about 90ft.  Very fun, and a little creepy!

Three foot barracuda!

Lots of places to swim through.
And really fun structures!