Tuesday, May 1, 2012


Today was a big day.  It was SOAR registration day.  This is my one conference where I just get to play!  No teaching, no card weaving, just spinning with friends.  I can't wait until October now.

You have to understand that since they went to the electronic registration, everyone sits by their computer refreshing their browser frantically, waiting for that magic "Register Now" button to appear.  Then it is a mad rush through the preliminary registration process until you get to the workshops and retreats, and then you pray that the ones you wanted are still open.

I did very well this year.  Finished registration in the first five minutes and got everything I wanted.  In case you are curious, here's my list:

Workshop: Kate Larson's Colorwork Knitting Traditions

Back to the draft with Jacey Boggs,
Three wild downs with Judith MacKenzie (my first Judith class!)
Plying for Colorwork, with Kate again
Jeannine's Grab Bag which was just too fun not to do again.

Hope to see you all there!

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