Monday, March 26, 2012

March Madness

While my partner is going nuts with college basketball this month (GO JAYHAWKS!), I've been going nuts traveling all over the country teaching.  This is actually a good thing as I'm generally a sports widow during the month of March especially if Kansas is doing well in the tournament.

First was the Cuyahoga Weavers Guild in Cleveland OH.  Thanks so much to Nora for putting me up.  We had a great time discussing politics with her husband Tony.  And I do mean a good time in spite of the fact that we have very different views.  Thanks Tony!  The guild was great fun!  And many tablets were turned.

Then it was off to Hartford CT with the Handweavers Guild of Connecticut.  We had fun discussing all of the different things you can do with bands.  There are only about a million!  While there I decided to zip over to New Jersey and visit with Daryl Lancaster.  I got to take an inkle weaving class with her and I continued to needle her on the superiority of tablet woven bands over inkle bands.  She has put up a challenge on her blog (our ongoing Battle of the Bands), but I haven't had any time to weave a response.  Just you wait Daryl, your inkle band's day will come, and my tablet woven band will kick its warp!

We had great fun in the class, and I learned I don't hate inkle pick-up nearly as much as I thought I did.  Daryl does classes through the internet through Weavolution.  Check it out sometime.

Just last week I was teaching for SWIFT (Spinners and Weavers of Indiana Fibers and Textiles).  We did a project based workshop, and by gumby we actually got projects finished!  Thank you Susan for putting us up at the Trading Post for Fiber Arts

Dog Collar made by Ericka

And next weekend, the last in March, I'll be in Iowa City visiting with Vicki Tardy having a quiet fiber weekend of spinning and conversation and going to a William Elliott Whitmore concert.  I'm a groupy!

He's playing with Justin Townes Earle as part of the Iowa City Mission Creek Festival.

Thankfully, April is looking to be a very quiet month here in St. Louis.  Then in May it is off to Oakland for CNCH!  Can't wait!

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