Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Ice and more Ice

Two days of ice mixed with snow.  I know much of the rest of the country got hit with heavy winter weather, but St. Louis seems to rival other cities for ICE.

The nice thing is that the city shut down, so I had plenty of time to weave.

A friend challenged me to produce a tablet woven band that would iridesce.  I told her it couldn't be done.  She begged me just to try, so I did.  You know what?  I couldn't do it.  Card weaving is a warped face weave for goodness sake!!  Iridescence happens at the intersection of warp and weft.  No weft showing, no color changing cloth.  I did give it a try however.  Brocade, diagonals, highly contrasting colors, nothing seemed to work.  I think the only way this would work would be to have a warp spreader, and have the weft visible between the cards.

This is an older project from the fall.  My grand niece was baptized, and  my partner and I were very honored to be selected as her sponsors.  As a dutiful sponsor, I felt it my obligation to make her something nice for the christening.  Here Savannah is sporting her handwoven name sash.  It is white 10/2 tencel and an off-white 8/2 unmercerized cotton.  I was going for the shiny/not shiny look.  The lettering is from Linda Hendrickson's "Please Weave A Message."  It ended up being longer than I expected, but that's what happens when you have a name like Savannah instead of Ann.

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