Sunday, January 2, 2011

New Year, New Challenges

The new year is here!  I started the new year doing one of the things I love, spinning with friends.  We do this every year.  What you do on the first you'll do all year, yes?  So it better be something you enjoy doing!

One of the new challenges I'm going to be tackling is living life more for each day.  Stop looking at life so hugely which can be very scarey.  As I was weaving on some yardage and a band for a vest I'm making, I was thinking about how I should look at life more like I look at my weaving.  During the planning phases, a project can look huge and insurmountable, life is daunting when looked at as one huge project as well.  But if I start to look at it as I do my weaving, step by step, and inch by inch, it will become much easier.  Inch by inch.  After lots of inches you have yards and yards, and after yards, you have unlimited options for that material.  That sounds like a good way to live life.

I have to share two wonderful gifts I received from my loving partner for Christmas.

The first is wonderful in its creativity.  It is a light box to photograph my weaving, and it fits in that small round black pouch you see in the middle of the box.  Just fold twist and sproing - a small circle about a foot in diameter.

The other is wonderful for its irreverence.  A St. Sebastion pin cushion!  Everything about it screams "WRONG" which is probably why I love it so much.

Have a great 2011 everyone!  Keep those cards turning!

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