Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Weekend Fun

Last weekend was one of those rare weekends where I just got to play with fiber with good friends all weekend long!  I loved it!  Thanks so much Vicki and Dwight, Amy and MJ, Craig and Carolyn.

This is the wonderful living room:
The default fiber fun was spinning, and who wouldn't want to with this wonderful space.

But spinning wasn't all we did:

I caught up on some beading.  Yes, I am beading now, and unfortunately enjoying it immensely.  Curse you Charlene and Amy for getting me involved in yet another interest!!

Ply Splitting by Vicki.
Puzzle making when any of us got bored with fiber.

And of course, lots of food.  This particular dish is an Italian Frittata I made for Sunday brunch.  I don't cook!  Cooking for me is freezer to microwave.  I can lift a phone and order delivery as well.  That's John cooking!  But with much assistance in chopping and consultation I surprised even myself by producing this.  Of course the cat is out of the bag, and now my reputation as a kitchen bumbler is completely ruined.

Speaking of cats, this little guy was one of my students a couple of weeks ago at the Midwest Folk and Fiber Festival.  Georganne had to feed the little guy every two hours, so an all day class required this little guy's participation.  Michelle (who is a cat person) took one look at him and commented "Hmm, cat food."  Everyone got a good laugh out of that, but we took it one step further, and decided that would be a great name for the little guy.  So meet Cat Food.

He must have learned something in class because when he got home, he decided to show the rest of his family how to card weave as well!  Thanks Georganne for the fun picture!

Many thanks to Franklin Habit, and Jacey Boggs for making the festival a very enjoyable event!!!

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